High Availability on Storage

Dear All Expert,

The technology between Disaster Recovery and High Availability on Storage are completely difference.

Most of the storage, they provided their own software to do DR and HA.

VMware already provided VMware Site Recovery Manager feature for Disaster Recovery Technology on Storage.

But I don't know if vmware provided some software to do HA on Storage or not.

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what kind of High Avaialability your are referring on Storage. By default HA part of storage will be taken from Storage vendor, like host spares concept. From host to SAN will two SAN network connectivity on active passive mode for network redundency. Please explain in detail on your requirement.



Dear Vamsee,

I have two Data Center (DC1 and DC2). both of them must be active/active at the same time.

then I use vmware vSphere FT to make Server hardware High Availability (no downtime).

then I need the storage of my both Data Center must be active/active (no downtime) (data access 99.99), also.

I have known that most of Storage vendor provided the HA software on storage and to make their storage available 99.99 for access like Mirroring.

but i would like to know that if vmware provide that kind of software or not? even vmware already provided SRM for disaster recovery.

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