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overhead created by hot add

I realize there is overheard for running VMs, there have been a few charts published over the  years, one of which was very comprehensive is showing the overhead for various VM configurations, but the only one I seem to find these days is this one:


This should be fine for most folks looking to get a handle on things, but I don't find this very helpful is understanding the overhead created by enabling hot add. 

I've read countless times that when you enable VM hot add the overheard consumed will be equal to if you set the VM's resource allocation to its maximums.   Well, looking at this chart, where an 8 CPU VM w just 16GB of memory is using 168MB of memory just because of its allocation, well, some of you might see where I'm going with this... 

I want to see a chart that shows me how much over head is in use for enabling hot add.  Why?   Because if the overhead is equal to a allocating the max resources to a VM, I'm finding it hard to believe because the maximums are now off the hook high, like 256 vCPUs w 6128GB of mem for vsphere 6.7, THAT MEANS OVERHEAD IS GOING TO BE OFF THE CHARTS!   

Can someone with insider knowledge please shed light on this because if this statement about hot add creating a condition where 'the max amount of resources a VM can have is used to determine the overhead,' well, I would think VMware would be screaming at you to let you know this is going to eat up your cluster's capacity fast if you have a large population of larger VMs.. this just doesn't seem to add up. 

Thanks in advance




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