vix api in IVM2.Clone() err

vix api in IVM2.Clone() err

Hello, everybody
     I am Chinese,English is not good,I use C# developers.
          My code ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Start----

         /// <summary>
         ///  克隆虚拟机 · Clone vm
         /// </summary>
         /// <param name="ivm">虚拟机·vm</param>
         /// <param name="Path"> vmx file Path</param>
         /// <returns></returns>
         public IVM Clone(IVM2 ivm, string Path)
             IJob jobHandle = ivm.Clone(null, VixCOM.Constants.VIX_CLONETYPE_LINKED, Path, 0, null, null);
             int[] lookForProperties = new int[1] { VixCOM.Constants.VIX_PROPERTY_JOB_RESULT_HANDLE };
             object foundProperties = new object();

             ulong vix_res = jobHandle.Wait(lookForProperties, ref foundProperties);
             if (vixLib.ErrorIndicatesFailure(vix_res))
                 return null;
             object[] properties = (object[])foundProperties;
             IVM vmHandle = (IVM)properties[0];
             return vmHandle;

         ------------------I call the


         My code ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------end----

      I execute the code Returns an error(6 – VIX_E_NOT_SUPPORTED The operation is not supported.)
      Remark:api documentation say “VixCOM.h, since VMware Workstation 6.5 (not supported on VMware Server)”

      I use vmware esxi, My IVM2.close() and IVM2.CreateSnapshot() is Success(ok).
      Powerful heroes to help look             thank

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