vmrun clone with vCenter and ESXi 5.x

My basic question is does “vmrun clone” work with vCenter 5.5 and/or ESXi 5.5?  If “vmrun clone” is supported with vCenter/ESXi, then are there any special requirements to make it work.  For example, do I need a special license or any special configuration on vCenter/ESXi?

When I attempt to use “vmrun clone” with either vCenter 5.5 or ESXi 5.5 I get the error below:

Error: The operation is not supported


  • I know that clone was not supported on vSphere 4.x, but I have vSphere 5.5.

  • I have read some posts that suggest that clone is a feature of vCenter, but not ESXi.  I am OK with this.  I would actually prefer to do the clone through vCenter.

Additionally, except on VMware Server (discontinued), you can clone a virtual machine image to another

virtual machine.


(Cloning not supported on VMware Server or on VMware Fusion.)

To me, this implies that “vmrun clone” is supported against both vCenter and ESXi.

Am I trying to do something that is never going to work, or have I simply not found the magic combination of parameters yet?

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