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VixCOM API question: List info for all snapshots in a VM

(reposted from the Management APIs forum since that was apparently the wrong place for the COM APIs)

Hi all,

I'm pretty new at the VMWare APIs so excuse me if the answer to this is obvious.

I've been playing about with the VMWare Vix API a little, using VMWare Workstation 6.0.5 as a host, and managed to open a VM and get a snapshot object using the COM API (C# developer here!), but that object does not seem to have any useful information such as the name of the snapshot, the description, or the date and time it was taken.

Is there any way to get this information using the COM APIs? I did find a script which claimed to do this but it doesn't work on my system - possibly because it's designed to work with the server products and I have Workstation. Are there any decent C# examples or whatnot out there? (I'll take powershell though, even VBScript!)

Thanks in advance and apologies for the multipost


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