Session Update! VIX APIs - Managing and Automating Guest OS

Sessions # DE-02

Session Abstract:

The VIX APIs provide an easy-to-use, high-level

programming interface that combines virtual machine management operations with

actions in the guest operating system, such as running programs and copying

files to and from the guest. Users can leverage VIX to write scripts and

programs in C, Perl, C# or Visual Basic, and use a simple command-line tool for

writing shell scripts. This session will provide an overview of the VIX API,

along with detailed examples and demonstrations.

Learn about our speakers:


Matt LaMantia is the manager of the VIX API team at VMware, focusing on enabling users and

independent software vendors to interface with VMware's platform offerings. Prior to working at VMware,

he was on the J2EE Server team at Art Technology Group and the speech recognizer team at

Dragon Systems, Inc. He received his MS in engineering management at MIT in 2006 and a BA in

computer science from Harvard in 1994.


Matt Richards is a senior software engineer for VMware, where he is the engineering lead for the

VIX API. While at VMware, he has worked on areas including platform scalability, product security,

and API and protocol design. He received his BS in computer science from Stanford University.
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