ESXi 3.5 and VSPhere Licenseing

ESXi 3.5 and VSPhere Licenseing


perhaps, someone can help me.

we are currently using 2 x ESXi 3.5 Servers. Because those machines (HP ML530G2) are not 64Bit capable, we cant upgrade to ESXi 4.

I have recently evaluated an VSPhere Standrdr, to make the Administration aeasier

My problem is, that vsphere4 doesnt seems to be able to administer ESXi3.5 hosts, looks like i have to install an older LicenseServer....

But im not able to create an license file for my ESXi 3.5 Licenses, i have the Serial Keys, but im not allowed to create those files ....

Do i have something to do before ? Is it even possible, to create license files for ESXi ?

thank you

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