Does ESXi support > 2 TB arrays over iSCSI?

Does ESXi support > 2 TB arrays over iSCSI?

I'm still trying to determine the best way to run ESXi on my home development environment.

If I have a PC running OpenFiler (SAN application) and contains one 6 TB array served over iSCSI, can ESXi see the entire array and read/write to it, or do I need to split it into smaller arrays?


From all of my reasearch no it does not. There are some ways to combind them but I choose not to.

I went IBM DS3300 iSCSI dual controller, 12x1TB drives, Raid10.

I carved my iSCSI into 6 spaces of 1TB each.

We can change anything in this setup any time we choose. Tested and played with it myself just incase.

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