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no caps-lock in vmware's vnc


Iam evaluating vmware as a virtualization solution for one of our products.

We would like to use VNC as our frontend for our users, and initially we worked both with x0vncserver and with the embedded vnc in the X11 (in xorg.conf).

In one of my searchs, I learned that vmware has a built-in vnc server (a brilliant solution, must I say!), so I turned it on, and i was happy seeing my entire machine loads up through the vnc!

Using this option, I encounter a weird problem, which seems too trivial to actually exists.. turning caps-lock on & off, does not change the entered text, rather, the text is ALWAYS lower case.

Reading around, i thought it was a general vnc problem, but attempting that with the X's vnc or x0vncserver does work, and distinguish between blow capital and not.

Is this a known issue? can it be that vmwares vnc does not understand caps-lock in english? (even though on the machine running the vnc-client every other program (like notepad) does indeed recieve capital letters..)

Please help me out, so we can progress with our evaluation,

Best Regards,


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