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Hi, I'm sorry if this thread is a troll, but I really don't find any good information by the search engine (regarding this subject of course).

I've recently installed ESXi 3.5.

Now I'd like to manage it, I know that I can do it using my existing VMWare Infrastructure Client, in GUI.

But I've downloaded the VMWare VI Remote CLI, and I understood that with this, I can mange my ESX and virtual machine,

using functions in command line, remotely (and then create administratives scripts to run automatically).

I'm looking for a documentation about using the command lines to create VM, start, stop, add storage, manage them ...

Is there a place or documentations that can help me?

Tanks for your help.

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Community Manager

Take a look at the vCLI documents and command line reference: http://www.vmware.com/support/developer/vcli/


William Lam

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VMware ESX/ESXi scripts and resources at:

VMware Code Central - Scripts/Sample code for Developers and Administrators

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