Unable to utilize Guest Customization - ubuntu 8.04.1 64bit


I'm connecting from VMware Infrastructure Client Version 2.5.0 Build 103682, VirtualCenter Version 2.5.0 build 104215 connecing to a VMware ESXi Server, 3i, 3.50, build 103909.

I've created a variety of linux guest OSes, however I've been unable to successfully clone one of the vms and utilize the Guest Customization.

I've tried creating an LVM partition, mounting / and swap off of it, I've tried going straight ext3 / and I've still been unable to move forward with customization. I've manually created the LVM partition, as well as allowed the Ubuntu installer to utilize the entire disk and setup the lvm for me, all to the same outcome.

When I go to clone the virtual machine, be it running, halted, paused, snapshotted or not, vmware tools installed or not, I'm unable to customize - I'm only presented with "Do not customize" while "Customize using the Customization Wizard" and "Customize using an existing customization specification" are greyed out.

It does present a cut off warning (which I've found records in the archives in the past, however the presented solutions then of attempting to go without an LVM / or similar did not resolve my problems) which reads:

Warning: Customization of hte guest operating system 'ubuntu64Guest' is not supported in this configuration. Microsoft Vista (TM) and Linux guests with Logical Vlume Manager are supported only for recent ESX host and VMware Tools versions. Please refer to Virtual Center

For those attempts I made with VMware Tools installed I was using 3.5.0-103909.

Thoughts, suggestions, or ideas appreciated.

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Same error while deploying the VM through LCM.

Do VMware have an answer to this???I dont think so......

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