Stateless ESXi problems

I get some weird behavior if I PXE-boot ESXi 3.5 (Build 120505) into memory. Let me explain what I am not able to resolve by myself.

1) After booting from an USB device, and configuring everything needed for proper operation, I execute /usr/sbin/

creating a local.tgz file. Copying this file into the PXE-Boot server I got a PSOD. BTW this could be resolved by deleting everything under /etc/sfcb

2) If I boot now from a PXE-Boot Server using the newly created local.tgz file. I cannot recreate the same network configuration

as stored correctly on the USB device. I discovered that if I PXE-boot into memory the default VM Network and Management Network

will be created. But my network config looks differently. Two vSwitches0 and 1 the first VM-Image has 2 vNICs one is connected to a pNIC.

The second one has no pNIC but has four VM-Images configured with 192.168.x.x addresses. I put the local.tgz as the last file in my boot

process just to be shure this files will be the current one.

3) I could also figure out, that I could not set anything else than the domain coming from the PXE-Boot server itself. Using another domainname

ends in a deconfiguration of vmk0 and will be forced to the PXE-Boot serverdomain.

Does anyone has a hint or tip how to resolve this. Every help or guidance is greatly appreciated

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