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Processor Value Unit [PVU] licensing for IBM Products in VMWare ESXi 3.5


I am fighting with the licensing model for IBM products and would like to seek some suggestions/options from experts here. I know IBM uses processor value unit for its products licensing and has quite clear explanation of the licensing in VMWare environment. However, it states that the licesning for a virtual CPU in VM guest is equivalent with a physical single core. I understand this point. But within ESXi 3.5, I can't find any place to assign any no. of host processor core to its VM guest. Only CPUin MHz can be allocated or reserved for the VM guests. In this scenario, how can I calculate howmany virtual CPU power I used with a VM guest.

For example, suppose a PC with Intel Core2Duo CPU 2.2GHz, in ESXi client, it showstotal 3400 MHz available for CPU reservation in resource allocation tab. Then if a VM guest is allocated at most 1700 MHz in its CPU resource allocation, does it mean the VM guest requires 1 virtual CPU PVU?

Welcome for any advice and discussion.

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