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Losing Ubuntu 8.10 based appliance network service after migrating to ESXi using VMware Converter Standalone program


I want to commend the efforts of the technologists at VMware - these are daunting tasks no doubt.

Ubuntu 8.10 based appliance was created and tested in Workstation 6.5, it boots up in both Workstation 6.5 and VMware Player and when you log in and issue ifconfig command, all is normal and you can see eth0.You can access the HTTP content via the appliance IP address in the browser on the same Windows machine when running on Workstation 6.5 and VMPlayer.

With ESXi 3.5 loaded on a Dell 1850 for evaluation, I used VMware Converter Standalone to convert the tested local disk .vmdk image resident on my Windows Vista machine. It boots up on ESXi host using the VMware Infrastructure Client console program accessing to log in to the appliance console - but the network services are either corrupted in the running appliance or incomplete. To remedy, I tried to match the mac address issued for the appliance running on the ESXi host with the source .vmx file on the Windows client - and re-converting and sending up to ESXihost again with a new virtual appliance name, but the converter program gives error message when ir reads .vmx file: "Source file is either not compatible or corrupt. STOP." When I put the original .vmx file back as it was with no new edits, it will convert again.

Will ESXi 4.0 update fix this Ubuntu 8.10 losing network and/or network service corruption problem? Thank you for reading...

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