ISA2004 VMWare Installation


I'm starting to get my head around ISA2004 theory and have decided to try and set up a small lab in which I can test ISA. We use Net Intelligence at the moment but obviously if we can move away from that setup we can a) save money and b) regain full control of our network.

We have an ESXi server already in place and so I've installed Server 2003 and ISA in a VM and have installed two virtual network adapters. I also have an XP machine setup with the ISA server in the proxy address area in IE7.

This is the setup:

Active Directory DNS and DHCP Server (Physical):

ESXi Virtual Server (Physical):

ISA 2004 (Virtual, off domain):

XP (Virtual, off domain): DHCP assigned (.126)

..and all of this routes through a patch cabinet then to a Cisco router / gateway of

And so I'm scratching my head. I'm reading that 2 NICs will be required, the physical server that ESXi is installed on has 2 physical NICs but I'm presuming that is of no use to me. So I'm looking at the two virtual adapters. NIC1 has been set to the .8 address and is using .10 as the gateway and .2 as the DNS but what do I do with the other NIC and what kind of network setup am I looking at in ISA? Edge? Back

Any help gratefully received.

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