ESXi 3.5 Repair?


I am having problems with ESXi 3.5...

I can access the ESX server via VI client ONLY, virtual machines are 'invalid' but I can still connect to the VM's via remote desktop(VM's are all up). VM's are server 2003 and server 2007

The problem first arose when we where unable to connect to a handful of ESX boxes via the infrastructure client, we restarted the management hosts via the basic console interface and this solved this problem on all boxes apart from *****

****'s basic console interface disappeared and a CLI window appeared, at first we could enter privileged mode but as soon as we tried to submit a command it locked up and became completely unmanageable. (locked up)

The server was then restated this morning, but is still completely unmanageable, when accessing the server via Infrastructure Client all the hosts appear as ‘invalid'.

I was thinking about using the repair option on VMware-VMvisor-InstallerCD-3.5.0_Update_4-153875.i386_DELLCustomized.iso CD, I wanted to know if I do use the repair function what would happen to the VM's? would they get deleted? Should I disconnect the MD300? The more into the better.

Extra Info: ESX is installed on internal storage on a Dell Power Edge 2950, and the VM's are stored on a Dell MD300 storage array, the MD300 is reporting no errors.

Hope this makes sence to you all,

Thank you,


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