Do I need to purchase additional ESXi license?

We purchased 2 x licenses for vCenter Fundation 4.0 for 3 hosts... In our environment we are actually using ESXi 3.5.. So I downgraded the licenses. After installed the licenses from Virtual Center Management Server Configuration, it showes "There are not enough licenses installed to perform the operation". And if I install the licenses from ESXi host ->Configuration. The ESXi showes as unlicensed!

Does this mean we have to purchase addtional ESXi licenses? If yes, what will be the exact name for the license?


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Hello, if you use vcenter foundation, you can only see tree esx in the vcenter.

Then in 3.5 you can use the license server to provide licenses to the ESXi, in the ESX you need to change the mode from trial to license server.

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