BladeCenter: Don't Copper and Ethernet modules work together? ESXi doesn't think so.

I have a matched pair of BladeCenter E chassis running load balanced web

servers. Several of the blades are running ESXi 4.0.

On one system, I have Copper pass-through modules in both Bay1 and Bay2

and everything in fine. Ethernet connections are seen/available on every


On the second system, another BladeCenter E, I have a Copper

pass-through module in Bay1 and a 4-port Ethernet module in Bay2. I made

this change because I needed to put NIC0 of individual blades on

different switches. All of the Blades NIC1 go to the same switch so

there was no need for a pass-through there.

The weird thing is, on some blades, I can't see the ports, they are

simply not there, or on, or enabled, I don't know what. But this appears

to only be on ESXi blades, blades running straight Linux for example

seem to be fine.

I don't see anything in the BIOS of those blades, I've replaced the

modules and cables twice in case it was something along those lines but

the same ports always act the same way. I then took a Linux blade and

put it into a slot that ESXi didn't see it's second port on and the

blade can see both. When I put ESXi back in, it cannot see the second


What's going on and how can I fix this? Is it a must to have both Bays

using the same module perhaps?


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