vpxa-nfc:// -- running reconfigure on VMDK over 1TB

Has anyone come across this error before? We are attempting to run reconfigure on a VM with a VMDK that is 1TB in size. It errors out on Step 1 with the following message:

Failed to open file vpxa-nfc://[datastore]

followed with a string of numbers.

I cloned the VM to another datastore and the same issue. :smileyangry:

Any one have any ideas?


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I have experienced this problem and have elevated to VMware.

It appears to be a Converter (V3.0.3) issue (confirmed by VMware) and they are working on the solution.


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I've been working on this issue with VMware support. It seems any VMDK over 1TB (whether it is the primary or a secondary HD attached to the VM) fails. I ran some tests just to see where the errors start. Take a look below:

Attempts at reconfigure with various sized secondary disks:

8GB Disk = Ok

20GB Disk = Ok

50GB Disk = Ok

100GB Disk = Ok

256GB Disk = Ok

512GB Disk = Ok

768GB Disk = Ok

896GB Disk = Ok

960GB Disk = Ok

1023GB Disk = Ok

Here's where it starts to error out

1024GB Disk = Error

1152GB Disk = Error

1433GB Disk = Error

So as you can see, anything that is over the 1024GB mark fails.

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