update manager critical update

I have VC 2.5 update 1 and ESX 3.5 update 1

I would like to upgrade the ESX 3.5 to update 2 using the update manager plugin,

I have the "critical update for esx" dynamic baseline and I see there 38 updates,

when I scan esx3.5 update 1 against it I get that its compliant (but its no update was installed for more than a month)

when I edit that baseline i see that there are 49 updates (not all of them have the sevirity critical, some have not applicable)

so I select all the 49 updates and click to include them and than I saw 87 updates (how come ?)

after that i scanned and it found 18 new updates and I installed them and it looks fine

I just wondered

what does it mean "not applicaple" ?

why I see 87 updates? (that in the total of critical I see only 49)

is that the way to use the update manager (to manually choose which update to include) ?


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