svmotion failure - is vm recoverable?


Yesterday I tried to svmotion just a single hard drive and the configuration file for a server from one LUN to another while leaving the big data disks on the original LUN.

The migration failed and now I have a bit of a problem....

On the new LUN the disk is visible along with the vmx configuration file and a LOT of DMotion-scsi VMDK files. When I look in the original LUN the big data drives are still there with the disk that just migration as well with three DMotion-scsi VMDK files which are 0kb in size. When I edit the VM properties all of the drives are now pointing to these DMotion-scsi files.

Any further attempt to svmotion any drive on the server fails. Trying to take a snapshot and then remove it fails. Trying to power on the server fails as it tries going through the PXE boot process and then stops with an error saying "Operating System not found".

Has anyone else seen this before? Is there a way to recover from this?

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