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second SAN

Dear all,

Currently we have a MSA1000 FC with two EXS hosts connected over FC and Vcenter server, hosting several VMs. The MSA1000 is a bit limited for further grow in space. I'm planning to buy a Dell MD3000i with a new Dell Poweredge T710 using as a ESX host. Going the iSCSI route.

For my clarififcatin I have some questions.

1. I understand I will be able to manage the MD300Oi as a datastore with the Vcenter server. Right?

2. But the new Poweredge Server using iSCSI won't be able to to see the FC SAN without a FC HBA (MSA1000), Right?

3. What about the exisiing hosts with FC HBA and NIC interface. They will be able to communciated with the iSCSI (MD3000i), Right?

4. I guess, moving VMs from FC datastoroe to iSCSI datastore will be possible.

I'm aware of some readings here in the forum that I should have dedicated switch for iSCSI when possible two. I also think using an existing gigabit Switch with different VLan would work as well.

Thank you


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1: Yes, as long the hosts can see/use the datastore, VC will be able to do the same. VC is just a management /cordinator device, really

2: No.... For connecting a host to a FC storage a HBA adapter is indeed needed.

3: Yes... But use a dedicated NIC(s) for iSCSI traffic, by adding a new vSwitch or creating portgroups on an existing one and configure Active/ standby policies. All depends if VLANs are used or not and the number of physical NICs in each host.

4: Yes. If a host can see both source and destanation datastore, you can even use sVmotion to do this to prevent any VM downtime for VMs running on this host


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