problem when register iSCSI initiator on EMC cx3-10c


Today one of our ESX 3.5 has crask, and I have to reinstall it again.

All work fine after reinstall but ot has been impossible to me connect ESX 3.5 to the iSCSI EMC cx3.10c.

I deregistred the iSCSI initiators of the old installation, and them ... I have registered the new one (machine has the same name).

The EMC cx3-10c has show me that the initiators where fine registered but it has been impossible to me

to re-assign the machine to the storage group of the vmware LUN

At last I have been to rename the vmaware ESX hostname.

After re-install ESX with another different hostname I have can reassign the storage group

Do you kwon if there are some issue reportered with this problem?? ......

Maybe is not problem of the ESX, ...maybe EMC cx3-10c ... has a cache or something like this that faild or not realize

that the machine has reconnected with the same old name ...

Any idea?

Thanks a lot

Francisco Morales López de Gamarra Vmware VCP | LPI - CCNA
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how did you register the ESX Host within the clariion, manually or by using the navisphere agent?

If you did use the agent the first time, it does transfer some extra data to the clariion which does help the storage array to correctly identify a host.

So the best way would be to deregister the iSCSI initiators and remove the host from the storagegroup.

Reregister the iSCSI initiators and assign them to the host (would be done automatically when using the navisphere agent)

Add the host to the storagegroup again, that should solve your problem.

Hope this helps a bit.

Hope this helps a bit.
Greetings from Germany. (CET)
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