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Hi Guys,

I have continually been plagued by this issue from time to time. Basically one of my VMs keeps going off line with the following error:

msg.hbacommon.outofspace:There is not enough space for the redo log of backup-000001.vmdk. You may be able to continue this session by freeing disk space on the relevant partition, and clicking retry.

Because I had this issue once before and ended up completely reinstalling the server, I had the idea of placing a large .iso file on the VM storage partition for that server. That way, if I got the error, I knew I could delete that file and then boot the server.

The thing I find odd and can't get my head round is this is a 146 gig SAS drive. The Windows 2003 STD R2 partition is 80 gig, which would seem to leave plenty of headroom. If I select the server in VM Inf. Client and select Summary, it states the storage is 136.5 gig (which is fine) but there is only 1.05 gig free. There is only one snapshot for this server which is one I made after all service packs and joining the domain etc. I don't understand what is hogging the storage. It's function as you've no doubt guessed is to backup important data to disk. The Windows C drive containing the backup partition is 80 gig as previously stated and has about 40 gig free. After deleting the ISO file and clicking retry, I can then get in to the server and examine it, only to find there is plentry of Windows space. I get the feeling that this is nothing to do with Windows drive space, although I doid have this issue once before and it seemed to coincide with the Windows partition becoming full, but it may have been a red herring.

Maybe it might help if someone gave me a quick explanation on how VMware deals with physical drive space and swap files etc. I would also be grateful if someone could give me a fix so that I can overcome this. Apart from this one VM, everything else works beautifully.

I have attached a screenshot from Virtual Center Inf Client which also shows the contents of the datastore for that server. By the way, each VM has it's own physical disk drive. Also, if I power on the server from Virtual Center Inf Client I get a Not Enough Memory error, if I run Inf Clinet directly to the ESX server and log in as root I can power on but that's when I get the error I am writing in about.

I have bags of memory, 14 gig in total and each VM has 1 or 2 gig assisgned, leaving plenty spare for ESX.

Thanks guys,


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