looking for recommended hardware for white box

looking to build a very inexpensive whitebox for esx3

suggestions on hardware? i noticed some tyan boards, looking for something cheaper.

amd or intel, prefer amd if it works.

gig or 2 of ram

prefer sata drives (since i have spares)

i want to stick it in a tower case.

any help is greatly appreciated. need specifics on boards, cpus and storage.

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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

Yes, you are right, ESX will install on plain old IDE, just not SATA.

It seems like your MB is using a newer chipset compared to mine, which uses K8T800Pro / VT8237.

Regards Henrik

M.v.h. Henrik
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I also just bought a A8V-VM SE and it doesn't work.

I looked for other MB with the K8T800Pro chipset and found 2 for Socket 939.

\- ECS EliteGroup KV2 Lite (1.0) Socket 939 / VIA K8T800 Pro / 1000 MHz / RAID / ATX / LAN / LYD / 1xAGP / 5xPCI-32 / 4xDDR-RAM / ...

\- MSI K8T Neo2-F V2.0 Socket 939 / VIA K8T800 Pro / 1000 MHz / ATX / LAN / LYD / 1xAGP / 4xPCI-32 / 2xDDR-RAM / Bundkor...

Does anyone know if these are supported ?

A. Mikkelsen

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