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dc VM has AD authentication errors 10 seconds after VCB runs

I have a windows 2003 server VM, which is also a DC.

I have been backing up this VM via VCB on a weekly basis for over 12 months with no problems (only once when a snapshot that didn't consolidate) . Last time the backup ran, 10 seconds after the LGTO_Sync events, I got a heap of KDC kerberos errors, netlogon errors, w32time errors on the DC itself. Had to restart the VM to resolve the issues, but I feel very uneasy when AD authentication issues come up and need to know what happened.

My guess is that during the snapshot, something happened with time sync. I thought there was a 5 minute tolerance for AD time sync though? The VM is time synced to the primary domain controller.

I wouldn't be restoring this VM from backup due to Active directory restore issues, but it runs an application that I may need to retrieve files from , should something happen.

I'm not really sure where to go from here... Any suggestions ?

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