converted win2003 vm powers off immediately. doesn't even update vmware.log

ESX 3.5u3

I converted a win2003 server yesterday that will not start up at all. The Task Status shows Power on Completed. But the console just stays black. vmware-cmd getstate shows Off.

The initial Power on logged the following in vmware.log:

Your guest operating system has accessed an I/O range where multiple devices overlap. This can have a variety of unpredictable results including crashes or hangs of your virtual machine. Click OK to reset your virtual machine or Cancel to ignore the error. If you choose to ignore the error, please shut down your guest operating system as soon as possible to minimize instability. If the problem persists after you reboot your virtual machine, please see the knowledge base article at

However, successive Power On attempts don't update the vmware.log at all. It doesn't seem to be trying to start or anything. Same thing from the command line.

# vmware-cmd /vmfs/volumes/84c1c466-a2396872/hqs135/hqs135.vmx start

start() = 1

# vmware-cmd /vmfs/volumes/84c1c466-a2396872/hqs135/hqs135.vmx getstate

getstate() = off

Any ideas?

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Can you at least see the initial console BIOS? Have you tried to boot the VM in safe mode?

How are you host and VM parameters (CPU, RAM)?


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