VMware Conlidate Backup


I configured 3 LUNs on IBM SAN storage & on ESX 3.0.1 I extend these Disks to be as one VMFS Datastore where I can Save & run my Virtual Machines.

& I Installed VCB proxy “Consolidate Backup” to backup all VMs on the Datastore as Image level Backup Integrated with IBM Tivoli Storage Manager So how can I accomplish that since I add the HBA Card to VCB proxy to point to same ESX LUNs but on VCB Proxy Disk Management it will show three disks rather one Volume same as VMFS Datastore on ESX 3.0.1

Please advice how to Backup VMs “Image Level” on Extends Disks by using VMware Consolidate Backup “VCB Proxy”?



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