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VMFS volume after SAN Mgiration

After migrating the LUNs (that contains VMFS volumes) to a new SAN via SANCopy, we are not able to access those VMFS volumes. A fellow helps us and points that the host is seeing the LUN as a replia (snapshot). In this way, we have to change the LVM.EnableResignature option to 1, remove all old datastores and VMs in VC. Finally, we are able to access those VMFS volumes.

Although the problem has been fixed, we would like to know

1) Is this problem a common case OR is there anything we have missed so that we encounter this problem?

2) What will be the consequence if we don't change the LVM option back to 0 ?

3) If we give a new name to the VMFS in the new Storage Array, like: we name it as ProdSAN_1 instead of the original VMFS name ProdSAN, will the VMs start up ?


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VMware ESX just tries to prevent you from mounting a device plus its snapshot device at the same time. It's not really a problem more a defence mechanism.

By allowing the resignaturing you've taken control and said "this is the real disk".

Once done you can revert the LVM.EnableResignature back to its original setting.

I don't think changing the name in the storage array will affact how VMware sees the device. But to be sure you may want t test that.