VM server`s clock is not synced with primary domain controllers clock

Hi, up until recently, there was never a problem with time sync to an external ntp server, but recently our print server (VM) will not allow any shares when connected to such ntp server. I now have to revert to enabling windows time service again to allow the server to function correctly and unchecking the NTP radio button in VMWare tools.

However, all other VM`s are fine syncing with the external NTP server (s).I`ve checked all the obvious but need help please! What could have caused this and is there anything I should be looking at speciffically?Incidently, we run two v3.5 hosts with 2 share datastores and 10 VM`s I said, it is only the one server that is problematic. Cheers!

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Have any changes been made to your problem machine? Sounds like something has changed specifically to that machine only...

You could either try:

Turn up the Kerberos & System event logging to see what's going on

If all else fails then rebuild it!