VM SCSI Driver Disk needed for Installing Windows Guest


I am having a weird problem with my ESX 3.5 U2 server. I have been using some Windows (2000/2003/XP) guests on that host. Now, I am not able to install Windows on newly created guest machine. It says "Not Found the Disk". This problem started now only. Last week, I have created a Windows VM without any trouble. To resolve this issue, I downloaded the VM SCSI driver floppy image. I mounted this with the VM and pressed F6 at the time of Windows installation. Once this VM SCSI Driver got installed, Windows able to see the harddisk and installing the OS. Even, I tried with BUS and LSI logic. How to resolve this problem, I dont prefer to use VM SCSI Drive all the time.

Any help on this appreciated



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Driver disk is needed for WinXP only, 2003 already contains these drivers.

Install WinXP one time and make it as template, just clone this VM if you need new XP VM.


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