VCB Quirk Fix...

We use CommVault here to launch a pre and post scripts to start the VCB snaps and then remove them from the proxy. Our sucess rate was poor to say the least. We always had a error between the CommVault server and VCB with communication. Not a network drop just multiple issues trying to remotely execute the script so we cheated...

We added enough sata disk to our proxy to hold a large group of VM's. We then made one scirpt for each LUN of sata (we attached 4) and fired the scripts off using Windows Scheduler overnight. This dumped all of the images onto the proxy server in order of the bat file and we ran all four at once. So the next morning we had the entire collection waiting for us on the VCB server and we didn't have to worry about snapshots remaining because the new VCB deletes the snaps after creation. Performance was thru the roof since we were writing all at once and later in the day we used a simple file backup agent to remove everything and kept the post script in place to remove the data from the proxy.

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