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Unable to deploy additional virtual machine on deployed configuration - consolidate required.


i'm using VMware Lab Manager 3.0 using ESX 3.5 and VI client 2.5 and i've cncountered some wierd problem.

i have a configuration with 6 virtual machines. all this machines were created from different templates which resides on a few datastores. (not all template on the same datastore)

this configuration was deployed successfully.

now, i've cloned from the library 1 virtual machine to this configuration at my workspace.

when i'm trying to deploy this machine also its failed with the following error message:

The configuration you are trying to deploy requires consolidation of one or more virtual machines. You can consolidate either the configuration or the virtual machine "machine01".

the only time i've encountered consolidate issuw was when the chain length of some VMS has reached his limitation of 30.

its not happenes in that case, my chain length of this VMs and all the VMS on that configuration are 8.

when trying to clone this virtual machien from the library to another configuration at my workspace everything is working fine.

does anyone have any idea what cause this problem?

i'm starting to think that this is got something to do with the different datastores, altough i've always worked like that and never had problem.

please help!


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