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Unable to deploy OVA on any host of ESXi 5.5 or ESXi 6.0 as well as unable to upload or download any file on datastore? Please suggest any workaround?

Hello all,

Firstly thank you in advance, please ignore the grammatical mistakes as this is the very first question I am asking on any community Smiley Happy

Here we go..

I am handling total 8 number of VMWare ESXi hosts upon which we handle more than 150+ VM (Public hosting service) from which 3 hosts we are handling it using vCenter 5.0 and other 5 hosts are standalone.

From last one I am facing error where I am not able to deploy any .OVA to any of the standalone host as well on vCenter plus I am unable to upload any file to data store. I am explaining  the both cases here:

Case 1: Unable to deploy any .OVA/.OVF on ESXi 5.5/6.0 as well as on vCenter 5.0

It was so frustrating when you come to know suddenly all deployment process using .ova has been failing due shown is attached screenshot

Previously it was working very fine I even used to deploy VM of 200 GB too. But now I won't be able to deploy .ova of 4 GB.

We have 2 network segments (lets say 'x' and 'y') from which if I try to deploy from another segment (i.e from segment 'x' to segment 'y')it fails but, if I try to deploy OVA file from same segment(i.e from segment 'y')  means host and deployment machine in same segment it works fine.

Please suggest me workaround .

Case 2: Unable to upload or download any file to data store.

Previously it was fine to download/upload any required file to/from data store of any stand alone or vCenter based hosts. The process will start but after few minutes it will throw error "File operations failed ". Please check the attachment for the same.

For workaround I tried to copy the data to data store using scp, rsync and WinScp which was too failing after few minutes as I mentioned above.

Please suggest me work around.

Thanks in advance

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