Ultrastor RS16 and ES3160, storage solutions under 15K, excellent quality! How is it done?

Enhance Technolgy has the[RS Series|http://www.enhance-tech.com/products/ultrastor/index.html] and the[ES Series|http://www.enhance-tech.com/products/ultrastor/index.html] models that out perform several of the bigger brand names out there for a fraction of the price. How do they do it? It also has several awards and recognitons from well recognized Magazines and Organizations. I am seriously considering purchasing the ES3160 F32T with the Dual Controllers 16 2TB Drives (32TB). The best thing is how modular the systems are, I can later add up to three ES3160 JS (JBOD)[ v|http://www.enhance-tech.com/products/ultrastor/RS16_JS.html]ia daisy chain and add an additonal 48 2TB of Drives (96TB) of raw storage.

(_64 Drives 128TB)_.

This is an inexpensive quality system!

Is this one of those to good to be true stories?

Anyone have these systems?

Please advice!


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