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Two questions on VMI

VMI looks like a major step for VMWare and I'm excited to start using it but I've first got two questions:

1. As far as I can tell Fedora 8 and Ubuntu 7.04/7.10 are the only (major) distros to support VMI in their default kernel as of now. Any news on RedHat and SuSE's plans to include it in their enterprise distros? My hope is that even though they're competing against VMWare with Xen, they'll do their customers a favor and support VMI with an update to their current releases (or at least going forward). In the meantime, has anybody managed to patch the official RHE5 kernel (2.6.18 based) with VMI? I know it would be unsupported but I'd like to try it. Might just see how hard it is to backport myself if no one has.

2. It looks like VMI is only available for 32-bit, no x86_64 bit support yet. Is this a limitation of the linux kernel code or of ESX3.5/WS6? Any news on when VMI will be made available for 64-bit?

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