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The NFS Server does not support MOUN version 3 over TCP

Hello guys, 

After update the ESXi to version 7.0 U3i I am getting an error when I want to mount a NFS 3 Datastore.  See below the error log form the kernel,

Any idea how to solve the problem?


2023-04-27T09:03:01.336Z cpu48:2105280 opID=14d4efeb)NFS: 161: Command: (mount) Server: ( IP: ( Path: (Datto) Label: (DS_Datto) Options: (None)
2023-04-27T09:03:01.336Z cpu48:2105280 opID=14d4efeb)StorageApdHandler: 966: APD Handle 0e06532e-61538eac Created with lock[StorageApd-0x431d5e227260]
2023-04-27T09:03:01.339Z cpu48:2105280 opID=14d4efeb)SunRPC: 1092: Destroying world 0x10a0471
2023-04-27T09:03:01.339Z cpu48:2105280 opID=14d4efeb)StorageApdHandler: 1051: Freeing APD handle 0x431d5e227260 [0e06532e-61538eac]
2023-04-27T09:03:01.339Z cpu48:2105280 opID=14d4efeb)StorageApdHandler: 1135: APD Handle freed!
2023-04-27T09:03:01.339Z cpu48:2105280 opID=14d4efeb)NFS: 179: NFS mount failed: The NFS server does not support MOUNT version 3 over TCP.
2023-04-27T09:03:52.695Z cpu53:2097388)qfle3: qfle3_queue_alloc_with_attr:643: [vmnic5] Feature LRO requested.


VSphere Client version : vSphere Client version

And ESXI version:

HPE Firmware: SVTSP-2023_0110.01.iso (ILO5 v2.78, System ROM U30 v2.72, SPS FW
OmniStack VC (OVC-Storage Virtual Controller VM): 4.1.3 (
VCenter (VCSA): 7.0 U3j (
ESXi (OS of SMP): 7.0 U3i (7.0.3:20842708)



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