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Swapping HBA and NICs to new ESX servers..storage question

We are purchasing two new ESX servers to decommission existing servers. If I place the existing HBAs into the new servers and power them on, will they come up and see the storage with no problems at all as far as data integrity is concerned?

I know I will most likely have to do a rescan of the HBAs, but other than that - will there be any problems?

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Shouldn't be a problem.


--Matt VCDX #52 blog.cowger.us


It sounds like a good idea to use the same HBA in the new servers. Then you don't have to change anything in your fiber channel switches and all zoning is correct. When installing the new esx servers unplug the fiber cables just to make sure you don't accidentially install on a SAN lun containing existing virtual machines.

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