Snapshot Management Question (2part)

I'm wondering if there exists:

1) A way to autoadd the Date and Time to a snapshot description, of a snapshot that is setup via the scheduled tasks. I would like to use the VI Client for this but would have no issues modifying files on the hosts if thats what it took. The purpose would simply be so that i could verify that the snapshots were indeed being created once per week, and the dates of which they were created to roll back to if needed.

2) A program / cron command / VI Client option that will go in and delete (commit) snapshots past a certain age? The purpose of this is to help control the space usage of recurring snapshots as mentioned in number 1, without having to do it manually

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Community Manager

You might be able to accomplish that through the schedule task, but you'll need a way to extract the time/date. Another option is to use PowerCLI and automate the execution of the snapshot through the command line and have the script executed using a schedule task through Windows. This will allow you to definitely provide the exact description you're looking for in the snapshot and allowing you to commit snapshots automatically based on some criteria. You may want to look in the PowerCLI forum to see if something similar has been written already


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