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Shutdown Delay for Virtual Machines


At first I have to say that I'm new to this community and to VMware, as I am still in apprenticeship. I am working on a project for a UPS - concept, which includes three ESX Servers and about 20 virtual servers.

So while the normal servers can be shut down with the Network Shutdown Module (Shutdown Client from MGE Systems, where our UPS is from), the virtual machines are apparently shut down inside the Virtual Infrastructure Client. For testing, I set up an ESX 3.5 with three virtual machines (2 x Win2k3, 1 x SLES10) and want them to start in a certain order and with a certain delay.

I managed the machines to automatically shutdown and startup, and on startup the delay ( 120 sec for example) works fine. But when the ESX Server shuts down, all virtual machines are shut down at once. Sure, still in the right order, but immediately as the shutdown order reaches the ESX. After 1 sec. the first, after 10-12 sec the second and finally after 15 sec the third virtual machine is going to shut down. Although I set the delay to 60 / 120 seconds.

To shorten this up:

Is it possible to automatically shutdown one (ore more) virtual machine, while keeping another virtual machine on for 10 minutes? So that the ESX finally shuts down this last virtual machine after 11 minutes, and shuts down itself after 12 minutes for example?

I hope I described the problem well enough...

kind regards from bavaria


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