Setting up Vmotion and iSCSI in ESX 3.5

I am sort of new to VMWare and am trying to figure out the best network config for what i am trying to do. I know there are probably other posts out there about this but I have not found any to completely answer my questions yet. Ok so here is what I have so far. I have 3 ESX 3.5 servers running on a Dell M1000 Chassis. Each server has 6 NIC's. Using a software iSCSI initiator, to connect to a SUN storage array. My current config for the NIC's is:

Vmotion/SC - vSwitch0 with 2 pnic's (vmnic0, vmnic1), NIC's are set for Failover. vmnic0 is active for SC, with vmnic1 as a standby. vmnic1 is active for Vmotion, with vmnic 0 as standby. Vlan's are tagged.

SC ipaddress:, Vmotion IP:, VMKernel Default Gateway:

iSCSI/SC2 - vSwitch1 with 2 pnic's (vmnic2, vmnic3), NIC's are teamed. iSCSI ip:, VMKernel Default Gateway:

VM's - vSwitch2 with 2 pnic's (vmnic4, vmnic5), NIC's are teamed. VM's ip: 192.168.4.x

Does this look like a good or even correct setup? Should I configure my SC/Vmotion differently? I have attached pictures of config below. Suggestions are welcomed. Thanks.

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Looks good to me...

Id personally throw the SC on the same vSwitch... (vmotion/sc traffic) give those 2pnics and give the VM traffic 4pnics....

edit - sorry just saw the whole Iscsi part... I dont see anything wrong with the way your doing it now, im sure someone will chime in with another way to skin the cat though lol.


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This looks reasonable. I have 3 hosts as well, and run with nearly the same setup. Since I only have 3 hosts and the vMotion and SC traffic are fairly light compared to a larger setup, I've even gone so far as to run iSCSI traffic on the same vSwitch as vMotion and not had any trouble doing so. That is not recommended if you have more physical NICs available though. :smileygrin: