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Service Console failover function is not working in Dell Blade environment

Hi Gurus,

We have a VMWARE VI 3.5 Infrastructure on Dell blade environment with following configuration:

Enclosure : Dell M1000 Blade enclosure/

Server : Dell M600 Blades (16 nos)/ 1 X dual port onboard NIC and 2 X dual port daughter boards ( so total 6 pNIC on each ESX)

SAN : Dell PS5000x / Interface : iSCSI software initiator

Blade Switches : Cisco 3130 G Ethernet switches ( 6 nos)

Network configuration details as below:

Vswitch 0 :-

Associated Physical Adapter - vmnic0 (onboard)

Ports configured - Vmotion(VMKernel Port) 10.0.0.x

- SC 1 192.168.90.x

Vswitch 1 :-

Associated Physical Adapters - vmnic1(onboard) and vmnic2

Ports configured - SC 2

- iSCSI (VMKernel Port) 192.168.91.x

Vswitch 2 :-

Associated physical adapters - vmnic3,vmnic4 and vmnic5

Port configured - Public (VM Machine port)

Entire VI infrastructure has been built and we are in the process of testing Service Console failover function.

It is my understanding/assumption that if any of the SC 1 components failed ( vmnic0 or associated Cisco 3130 switch - in this case it is 3130 G switch number 1)

So, we attempted to Unplug 3130 switch # 1 to test the SC failover, unfortunately, failover didn't happen after we unplug it. VC has lost its connection to ESX and also unable to connect through SSH, however all the VMs are running on absolutely fine.

Please can someone aid me here to achieve my failover function. Is there any specific configuration that I'm missing?



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So you have an HA enabled cluster? You are using VC 2.5 Update 2 or 3? Firstly the default configuration in update 2 (maybe 3 - sorry can't remember!) is in an isolation event to leave the VM's powered ON. So this would be the first thing to check within your HA configuration.

Secondly, I assume you have 2 switches setup with certain nics going to different switches?

What do you want to happen in an isolation event - VM's to power off the "dead" host and to power on the other host? If so, make sure the HA config is set how you want it.

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Are you referring to HA fail over or fail over of Service Console connectivity - if service console connectivity the IP address does move to the other SC Port - so when you tried to make your SSH connection did you try to connect to the IP addressof the port that was unplugged or the IP address of the remaining port - if it was to the former than it will not work because that IP address is now off the network - you should have been able to connect ot the second IP{ address

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