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Scripting Nic Teaming Rolling Order within Kickstart Script

Can anyone help with the following?

I have an automated kickstart script for the network configuration. The script is working apart from the setting the rollingorder policy. I have tried several command variations as detailed below to configure at the switch and portgroup level, for example:

(1) /usr/bin/vmware-vim-cmd hostsvc/net/vswitch_setpolicy --nicteaming-rollingorder=false vSwitch0

(2) /usr/bin/vmware-vim-cmd hostsvc/net/portgroup_set --nicteaming-rollingorder=false vSwitch0 'Service Console'

(3) /usr/bin/vmware-vim-cmd hostsvc/net/portgroup_set --nicteaming-rollingorder=false vSwitch0 VMotion

All the above commands get executed without an error but the the command does not implement the change. I know the syntax is correct because if I execute the lines individually at the service console they work. Likewise, if I run the networking portion of the script after the ESX Server is built there is successful execution.

The main issue is why there is no update to the rolloingorder via the kickstart script. I have implemented plenty of sleep and network_refresh commands in between the syntax in case this was an issue.

Any help is appreciated.


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