Sanity checking a fibre channel HBA config

I'm looking at a DL380 G6, and moving forward we're likely to be virtualizing (on top of what we're already doing) large file servers.

We have 4GB fibre channel (using an EVA 6000), and I'm actually thinking of putting a pair of 2242SR dual port fibre channel HBAs (Emulex rebadged HP) in the server, and use zoning to split the paths for each device between the cards to protect against HBA failure. So vm A would have LUNs presented on card 0 port 0 and card 1 port 1, and the LUNs for vm B would be presented on card 0 port 1 and card 1 port 0. Also seems like a way to potentially get a little extra performance. I'd be relying on ESX's multipathing to hanlde the four visible paths to each LUN.

Anyone tried something like this?

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