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SQL Express Database for VC 2.5 Update1

I have a VMWare cluster with 4 hosts. To save costs we used SQL Express 2005 database. As I understand it the maximum database size for SQL Express is 4Gb so with smaller clusters this is sufficient. I have also found numerous thread stating that SQL Express is sufficient for smaller environments.

I have now heard that VMWare will not support SQL Express in production. Does anyone know if this is true? Are there any sizing documents on-line which state which database should be used?

Can anyone help?



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This thread here may be of some use


VMware Employee
VMware Employee

Hello John,

maybe this helps..

You cannot tune a SQL Express database as you can do with a SQL Server 2005.

Another drawback.. everytime you need to upgrade VirtualCenter your database will be overwritten and you lose your historical data