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Hello all!

I restored a VM from a backup und said "overwrite the existing in the datacenter". Now all my snapshots exists only on the disk but not in the client. How can i revert to them? Or how can I get them back to client?

P.S. Sorry for my bad english

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What is listed in the .vmsd file are all the references to the snapshots missing.

Can you restore the vmsd file

\[root@esx1a bobxp]# cat bobxp.vmsd

snapshot.lastUID = "1"

snapshot.numSnapshots = "1"

snapshot.current = "1"

snapshot0.uid = "1"

snapshot0.filename = "bobxp-Snapshot1.vmsn"

snapshot0.displayName = "new"

snapshot0.description = ""

snapshot0.type = "1"

this shows 1 snapshot, the name of the snapshot which is new.

if you cannot restore the vmsd as well you can recreate the file.

Why did you restore the vmdk instead of going back to the snapshot

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