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Reconfigureing iSCSI Networking

I am trying to reconfigure my iSCSI

networking by utilizing "port binding".

I have two ISCSI SANS each with their own target and I am using MPIO.

The SANS are Datacore SAN Melody

Each of the two iSCSI SANs are connected to one PHYSICAL switch each, so

I have two Physical iSCSI switches. The switches are trunked to each

other. I'd like to reconfigure the ESX networking so I can first remove

the trunk and second increase throughput.

MY ESX host has two NICs both active on one iSCSI vswitch. NIC1 is

connected to physical switch1 and NIC2 is connected to physical switch2.

I installed additional NICs on my ESX server.

I want to have two NICs connected to physical switch1 configure with

LACP/IP hash and two NICs connected to physical switch2 in the same


I am not sure how can I do this either with one vswitch or two vswitches

for the iscsi network?

Please let me know if you have more questions

Thank you

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