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Question concerning VISBU, and using it to do backups

Hi Everyone,

Not entirely sure which community I should post this in, but here goes. I downloaded VISB, and I'm trying to get it working. First, it really looks good, and would long ways to solving some problems for me, if I can get past this one hurdle. I install it, and then when I go to do a back up, I Set it up as follows:

****Virtual Infrastructure Scripted Backup Utility v1.0.1 (c) 2007 Xtravirt Ltd****

VISBU Main Menu.

1. Backup.

2. Restore.

3. Create a configuration file.

4. Manage backup schedule.

5. Test configuration file settings.

6. Quit.

Please select a menu option: 1

Do you want to run a backup from a config file? :

Please enter a target hostname[http://atvm.miner.com|http://atvm.miner.com]:

Please enter a username[root]:

Please enter a password: **********

Please enter a search spec[powerstate:on]: name:VM-ED1

Please enter a backup target path: /mnt/ATVM_Backups

Specified backup options:

hostname = atvm.miner.com

username = root

password = **********

search spec = name:VM-ED1

export path = /mnt/ATVM_Backups

Do you want to start this backup now? :

We're running VMware ESX Server 3.0.1 build-32039


Searching for target VMs....

FATAL ERROR: No VMs found from specified search specification '"name:VM-ED1"'!

Name searches are case sensitive, please check your VMs name.

It's the FATL ERROR of course that's killing me. I've double checked VM spelling and etc, and I'm just wondering if I'm missing something really basic.

Any Assistance Appreicated


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Have a read of the this it is the link to the document concerning VISBU, check that you have entered the correct case for your VM, as it is case-sensitive in its searching

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Hi Tom,

Turns out the issue I was fighting was a totally bizarre Linux issue (basically, my host server forgot who it was). Ended up having to do a #hostname host.mydomain.com command to snap it out of it's problem. However, the doc you posted make things a lot easier to understand concerning using VISBU. Thanks.


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