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Problem with VMWare using NFS storage on FreeBSD file server


I have the current setup:

FreeBSD 7.0 - P4 2.4Ghz - 2GB memory

2x 320GB system disks (mirrored)

4x750GB data disks (RAID10) (Adaptec hardware raid controller)

Gigabit network through a HP Procurve gigabit switch.

3 x ESX servers which mount this NFS storage from the FreeBSD machine.

My problem is that when I'm installing a new virtual machine on the NFS drive and the debian setup goes to writing the filesystem on the new partition everything just stops working on all the other machines that use then same NFS storage space.

My ESX servers have the NFS mapped not the guests.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.. ?

Best regards from Iceland!

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