Newbie* Problems with networking

Hi community!

I am a newbie to ESX 3.5. I tried the whole day to find a solution for my "problem". Okay here it is:

Host with two NICs (vmnic0 / vmnic1). One virtual machine should be a Internet Security Center, so I need the vmnic0 exclusively for this vm for WAN. vmnic1 should be for LAN.

Is there anywhere a "how to" for my problem. As I built a vSwitch1 with vmnic0 only, I haven't found out, how to bind it to the ISC vm located in vSwitch0.

Thanks for some replies / links / etc.



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probably you would need to change what NIC you want to give "access to"

first of all, you need to maintain service console connection (take of this as "management"), which I assume it is still in vmnic0

you need to have a Internet Security Center , so why do not you connect vmnic1 to the WAN, create a second vSwitch with an uplink to the vmnic1, and connect your ISC to this!

if you need to give access to VMs on the LAN, create a portgroup in the first vSwitch (kind of creating a third vSwitch, but for virtual machines, on the same vSwitch of the Service Console Connection)

that way you could have the 3 connections, the service console which has to be there, the ISC connection , and if you need to the virtual machine on the same LAN as the service console


Jose Ruelas

P.S. you could use VLANs too

Jose B Ruelas
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